“The people at CauseImpact are keen thinkers, a key source for strategic insights, and valuable collaborators.  They have consistently delivered results beyond our expectations. They helped us to make the most of opportunities for growing our services, our revenue, and our impact on the people we serve.  They’ve been innovative consultants and a flexible partner for our organization.  Dave and Sean helped us to readjust our thinking and pivot to new approaches when the situation called for it, which may have been the single most valuable contribution they’ve made to our efforts.  If you’re thinking about working with CauseImpact, I’d say that’s a really good thought!”

Mike Finelli

Director of Business Operations , National Church Residences Centers for Senior Health

“We got a lot of really valuable help in putting together a business plan, especially with the financial projections and understanding how the business would work.  The networking and exposure to other ideas really helped to open our thinking to more possibilities.”

Donna Goodaker

Executive Director, Progress Inc.

“Thanks Dave—exciting to see what we talked about in its embryonic state come to this level…wow. Thanks for all your help getting us here.”

Jim Kales

CEO, Aspire of Illinois

“Working with the team of mentors and advisors at CauseImpact has been transformational. They’ve been instrumental in guiding PARC’s employees through an inspiring analysis of programs and earned income opportunities. We continue to enjoy a wonderful supportive relationship as we look to new ventures. Thanks to CauseImpact, we feel more than equipped to thrive in the 21st century!”

Sue Buchholtz

President/CEO, PARC