At CauseImpact, we help organizations drive greater change through entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic focus. Our time-tested and innovative services are designed to help organizations to Do Good. Better.™

From strategic planning to creating new ventures to increase revenue, innovation is at the heart of the work of CauseImpact,   But we also can assist in the specific discipline of innovation,  helping you build a more creative, agile and proactive organization via these offerings:

Education – Our class offerings will show your board and staff new ways to address change in your organization and how to use the past as building block for future success rather then be the lodestone of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Board & Staff Coaching Whether as a group or as individual leaders in the organization, CauseImpact executive coaches can take you and/or your nonprofit through a path of assessment, customized learning and individual growth that will benefit you and your organization as it plots its path to the future.

Charting a course for the future.  Seeing the obstacles and opportunities ahead.  It is one of the most vital responsibilities of your organization’s board and leadership.

Guiding you along a path to successful, sustainable, and innovative future is another way CauseImpact can help you do good, better.

Through customized tools, we will assess your nonprofit and the current landscape and help you build a focused image of who you are today.  Then we’ll guide you through a process that explores your vision, values, and mission, and reveals new opportunities to grow as an organization.  You will exit the process more innovative, entrepreneurial and fully prepared to realize your vision of the world.

There isn’t a nonprofit out there who hasn’t felt the combined need for revenue and the more stringent requirements of foundations, or other grantmakers, for accessing funding for your program offerings.

Social enterprise can create new revenue streams that are yours to dictate, giving you the freedom to be innovative and proactive in the performance of your mission.

CauseImpact will guide you through a process that aligns your mission and financial goals, develops and investigates new ventures and creates an actionable business plan that guides you in setting up the new enterprise(s) you move forward with.

Social Enterprise Development Series

  • Generating New Revenue from Mission-Related Ventures
  • Effective Market Research
  • Setting Prices for Products and Services
  • Financial Projections – Fundamental Tools and Approaches
  • Selling Social Innovation – Sales Techniques for SE Products & Services
  • Putting it All Together