In his book, Rules for Revolutionaries, Guy Kawasaki has a chapter called ‘Don’t Worry, Be Crappy.’

Seth Godin counsels to always be shipping.Always Be Shipping

Several years ago I was watching an episode of CBS Sunday Morning and they featured a Manhattan restauranteur who had five different restaurant concepts in Manhattan alone. Each one had received Zagat’s highest rating, which was unprecedented at the time. The interviewer was pressing the restaurant entrepreneur about the secrets of his success. The entrepreneur finally cut off the interviewer, politely, and said, “Not one of my restaurants was ever anything better than mediocre in the first six months after opening. If we’d have waited until they were perfect we never would have opened.”

If you’re reading this you or your organization probably has ideas you’re kicking around. Go with one of them now. Improve as you go; you have to anyway if the venture is to be viable longterm.

Dave Parker is the Founder of CauseImpact, LLC, a social purpose business he created in 1999 to help social sector nonprofit organizations identify, evaluate and optimize their social impact in innovative and sustainable ways. Mr. Parker has nearly 25 years of marketing, product development, sales and management experience. Prior to founding CauseImpact, he worked in a variety of entrepreneurial environments in the telecommunications and technology sectors.